Professional Development

Improve Writing & Teaching

 The GKCWP offers a wide range of professional development opportunities  for schools, districts and administrators. In-services are designed to  help educators improve writing and the teaching of writing and literacy  and to strengthen teacher leadership in order to affect exemplary  classroom practices. All in-services are designed in collaboration with  school leadership teams or administrative offices and align with  national, state and local initiatives to support student achievement  across the content areas. 

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Workshops by Local Educators

 All GKCWP in-services and courses are led by Kansas City area educators.  This means that all of our work is done with KS and MO standards,  benchmarks, and new curriculum frameworks in mind. Our professional  development designs are flexible so that we may co-design a program that  best suits your school or district improvement plan. 

Professional Development

 The C3WP instructional resources help teachers and students read critically, explore multiple points of view, and take a stand on important issues. The C3WP is backed by recent research which shows that schools who  provide this professional development program 

to their teachers have  seen student writing improve in all four attributes of argument  writing. 

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Professional Development Series

 A minimum of 3 sessions (1/2 or full-day) facilitated by GKCWP Teacher  Consultants. Focus areas are identified by building leadership teams and  can include: Formative Assessment, Writing in Content Areas,  Reading-Writing Connection, Argument & Blended Writing.  

School-Wide Literacy Initiative

 The School-Wide Literacy Initiative model works for schools or  departments seeking to achieve building literacy goals, across grade  levels and/or content areas. Extensive planning among building leaders  and the GKCWP ensures an effective program tailored to the individual  strengths and needs of each school. Traditionally, the School-Wide  Literacy Initiative is a four day course in the summer with regroup  sessions throughout the year. In subsequent years, the SLI is an  excellent choice for schools or departments seeking to vertical team and  map a literacy curriculum. 

Literacy Academy

 The Literacy Academy is a professional development course for K-12  teachers which allows them to explore the writing process as both  writers and educators. Traditionally, the Literacy Academy is a four day  course during the summer, with four regroup sessions throughout the  school year. 

Previous PD Focus Areas

 A minimum of 3 sessions (1/2 or full-day) facilitated by GKCWP Teacher  Consultants. Schools can arrange for reduced-rate graduate credit options with at least 36 contact hours.

Previous PD Focus Areas


College, Career & Community Writers Program

Nonfiction Reading & Writing
Using Mentor Texts
Disciplinary Literacy
Academic Writing

Literacy th@t Works for CTE

 Narrative and Memoir Writing
The Writing Process & Writer's Workshop
Teaching Research
Digital Storytelling​​ 

Six Trait Writing​​

Building a Whole School Writing Community: Writing Across the Curriculum
Technology and New Media in a Writing Classroom
Reaching ELL & Linguistially Diverse Students
Re-Imagining Content Area Writing

Writing ELA Curriculum k-12

Standards-based Assessment

Professional Development Attitude

Teachers are the best teachers of teachers.

Writing and literacy are central to learning across content areas.
Professional Development is an on-going process across the life span.
All teachers should have access to quality professional development.

Successful teachers of writing are writers themselves.
Universities and schools can build powerful, lasting partnerships.

Classroom teachers and other educators are critical to meaningful change.

Graduate Courses

Our Courses


 Practicing  teachers across content areas and grade levels appreciate our graduate  courses because they are facilitated by experienced classroom teachers  who know how to use theory to inform their practice. The required course  work is relevant to teachers and leads to improved pedagogy. 

Contact GKCWP Director, Katie Kline for additional information.

Teaching Real-World & Argument Writing



Ted Fabiano & Linda Brock

Sept. - Dec. 1(In person meetings and weekly online components)

This course will help middle and high school teachers prepare students for authentic writing tasks.

Teaching Argument & Blended Writing


 This course can be offered on-site in a school or district. This  course uses the National Writing Project's College, Career and  Community Writing Program to improve students' argument writing skills.