Stories for Justice


July 8-12, 2019, M-F, 9am - 3pm, St. Teresa's Academy (51st Main)
Cost: $150  
This camp  connects students' passions, their experiences, their stories to issues  of community importance. Students will play with digital storytelling,  creative argument and social justice writing in a supportive  environment. Working alongside professional creatives and a dynamic  group of young writers, participants will hone argument writing skills  and storytelling craft. An Open Mic performance allow these stories for  justice to meet a larger audience. 

Environmental Justice

  1. Receive individual feedback on your writing
  2. Learn about environmental issues using Virtual Reality 
  3. Make an impact on your community

College Application Essay

Friday, July 12, 2019, 9am - Noon UCM Lee's Summit; 

Cost: $45

The  written essay portion of the college application today is all about  stories -- finding your unique story, using your own voice, and making  yourself memorable to admission officers. We'll share pro tips and help  you find and writing the story that can open doors 

to your future. 


A Great Opportunity

An opportunity for high school students to share personal stories and break down divisive barrier, like race, which divide us.

KC Kids Unite

An opportunity for teachers and a class of their students in grades  3-5 to have real conversations about the barriers, like race and  geography, that divide us. Teachers implement three weeks of culturally  and locally responsive instruction and students

are paired with a buddy  classroom. A final celebration brings teachers and students together to  create a community project.  


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